Friday, February 5, 2010

What I HATE the most...

There aren't too many things I hate, for the simple fact that hate is a very strong word... describes hate as: dislike intensely or passionately;
2. feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward;

So like I said hate is a very strong word. But one of the things I absolutely hate is when females aren't woman enough to approach each other. I do not like going through other sources when there is an issue.I do not like hearing that "she said this" or "I heard so and so was talking about you". If you have a problem with me you are more than welcome to approach me and discuss what the issue you have with me is.

There are far too many resources today for people to be able to have mature conversations...
And ladies DO NOT prejudge someone before you get to know them....matter of fact NO ONE SHOULD BE JUDGING ANYONE! I have heard far too many people say "Well I HEARD you said this about me..." Key word people; HEARD. Until you approach the person and ask them if they are talking behind your back you won't know if it's true...until then it's GOSSIP.

Now I'm speaking on behalf of myself when I say I have NO reason to talk about another female behind her back...I was telling you about yourself to your face when you turned around and walked away.

I'm too old to be dealing with this "he said/she said" nonsense. So from now on, I would like any and all people who have an issue with me to come to me so we may address it like the young adults we are.