Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Teenage years= OVER!

Yesterday was my 20th birthday, and I had an absolute blast!

My friends and I started celebrating at 12 am with a dance party that lasted for a few hours, and then we all went to bed(lol). I woke up the next day around 12pm and my boyfriend came to pick me up, so he could make my cake=) I was genuinely touched because not only did he make me a cake, but he also made me chicken parmesan=)

I came back to school to share my birthday cake with my "extended family" and then I chilled out in the room, until it was time to go out.

I went to a local bar called the Pour House with my sister, and her "friend", my suite mate, my boyfriend, and another one of my guy friends and we truly enjoyed ourselves!

My 20th birthday was the best birthday that I have ever had...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pre Birthday Blues

So it's just a few days before my birthday and I'm miserable! My life has successfully turned into complete and utter chaos. School is over, but I'm in summer school and still working, my parents won't leave me alone and on top of that my personal life keeps taking hit after hit!

I'm honestly to the point of saying forget everything and everyone and spending my birthday in bed, ALONE. Which is how I'll be spending it anyway because no one is going to be available, for the simple fact that my birthday falls on a Tuesday =(

Suffice to say, my 20th birthday is shaping up to pretty much suck!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Summersummersummer time!!!!!

So school is officially out for the summer and has been for about a week now. Summer sessions have begun and guess who's and RA for the summer...ME! Ok, so it's not a real job, but I still get paid nonetheless.
I also have made the decision to to OFFICIALLY move to North Carolina...pause for excited parents are slowly letting go of the purse strings! So I'm in North Carolina for the summer=) I'll probably be visiting the family for the fourth of July, and after that I'll be getting an apartment!!!!!!

In other news, the 20th birthday is in a few days!! I have no clue as to what I'll be doing, but since I'll be surrounded by my"extended family" I'm sure I'll be having a good time=)

So I guess I'm gonna do this whole summer school thing, I figure I might as well be productive if I'm gonna be here for the let the good times roll and here's to a wonderful summer!