Monday, May 17, 2010

Summersummersummer time!!!!!

So school is officially out for the summer and has been for about a week now. Summer sessions have begun and guess who's and RA for the summer...ME! Ok, so it's not a real job, but I still get paid nonetheless.
I also have made the decision to to OFFICIALLY move to North Carolina...pause for excited parents are slowly letting go of the purse strings! So I'm in North Carolina for the summer=) I'll probably be visiting the family for the fourth of July, and after that I'll be getting an apartment!!!!!!

In other news, the 20th birthday is in a few days!! I have no clue as to what I'll be doing, but since I'll be surrounded by my"extended family" I'm sure I'll be having a good time=)

So I guess I'm gonna do this whole summer school thing, I figure I might as well be productive if I'm gonna be here for the let the good times roll and here's to a wonderful summer!