Friday, February 25, 2011

Post winter commentary

I am soooo glad that this winter weather is passing and that spring is approaching! I can't stand to be cold,and this winter was just a testament as to why i moved to NC in the first place...winter doesn't last long here, but when it comes...oh boy does it come!

I do have to say however that there are some cons to living in a semi-costal area...when there are nice days (we're talking, 60 degree weather ) people go a little crazy...I'm talking short shorts and tank top crazy. I've just got to say it's not consistently warm enough for that type of behavior, but I digress.

With spring coming up there are a few thing I have to look forward to but the main thing would be my rite of passage!
But there were some good things about this winter and it had a lot to do with my boyfriend...I can't wait to see what spring has to offer for me!

Au revoir winter, bonjour spring!