Monday, February 15, 2010


So after a rousing pre-Valentine's day bash, I came "home" and had a very interesting conversation with one of my really good male friends. He and I were discussing why we believe love is for suckers and fools, and why relationships are over-rated ...his words, not mine.

While I'm still a true romantic at heart {sigh} a lot of what he had to say made a lot of sense.
He said that from now on he was going to approach his personal life as that of a 'solosexual'. I asked him what that meant and he simply stated; "I'm not going to have sex with anyone else nor am I going to pleasure myself."

Basically he's going to be celibate, but being a solosexual sounds so much well as being a great conversation starter=), at least until he finds someone with whom he can start an honest WHOLESOME relationship with, and once they decide that they are ready to take the next step they will...

I thought that he had a point. Before we all discovered sex, relationships meant something, faithfulness was never questioned, and people were in love for the sake of being in love. But that isn't the case these days and it's very disheartening.

I've always dreamed of finding my Prince Charming, getting married...the works. But lately my dreams may not come true. I'm starting to doubt that P.C actually exists, and as for the other stuff if it's really on my mind and heart to do it then, there are other "unconventional" ways for me to go about doing so...

But until I make up my mind I have decided to adapt to a new way of life and become a solosexual.
We shall see how this will pan out...