Thursday, December 29, 2011

I'm baaccckkkk!!!!!

Oh how I've missed you!

It's been approximately 10 months since my last post...(I've been slacking, I know, forgive me)
But things got extremely crrazzzzzyy in March. So I guess I need to update you on what's been going on...well in;
March- adventures in apartment hunting resulted in me finding the current place I am typing this entry in
April-  I attempted to figure out the school/work schedule; work prevailed (this time)
May- I celebrated my 21st, and came to the realization that I wasn't missing out on anything.
I was placed with a new manager at's hard to remain humble and respectful when you know more than your boss, but I did eventually get it together
June- moved into my own little home...loving it and it's decorated to my tastes
July- help the bf celebrate his birthday...other than that; things were pretty low key but I did enjoy a much needed vaca
August-pretty low key; just got comfortable in the new place
September- received my 1st promotion at work :)
October- HALLOWEEN is still my favorite holiday, but I got to spend it w/ my little precious
November- 2nd promotion at work (I'm on a roll)

Now that we've gotten to the's what December 2011 has brought me thus far...

December 1-28th

  • Participated in the bf's family gift exchange
  • Celebrated my surrogate niece's 1st birthday
  • BOUGHT MY 1st CAR (all by myself)
  • Watched my MIL graduate from college (in spirit, I had to work)
  • 2nd Christmas w/ the bf; received a beautiful piece of jewelry (again) he spoils me so much :)
  • FULL WEEK OFF WORK, so thankful for paid vacations :-)
  • cleaning mother always told me to have your home in tip top shape before the new year b/c that's the condition it would be in for the upcoming year...finished cleaning EVERYTHING. bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, kitchen AND laundry (Martha Stewart who?!)

and now that we've been caught up, let me tell you about my day today (Dec 28);

I've come to the conclusion that my family has quickly outgrown our current home so I'm once again scouring the papers for a new place to stay; but this time it will be for a while (2 year minimum). So I've complied a list of 6 potential place and I'm going to hit them all tomorrow. Hoping to find something that he and I both like and still remaining w/in our budget...wish me luck and I shall update you on the adventures of apartment hunting tomorrow, well later today (it's early morning now)

Wish me luck!